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12 Advanced Coyote Hunting Tips

Coyote hunting tips

So you’re looking to save a few deer by killing some coyotes. Smart choice. But, hunting coyotes can be quite a difficult task sometimes. Fooling coyote one time won’t make you an expert hunter. Every situation is difficult and you have to be prepared for several scenarios. In order to help you improve your chances of taking down a coyote, we created a list of 12 coyote hunting tips.

Being steady

When you get yourself into a situation where you are literally seconds away from shooting down a coyote, you are being all nervous and shaky which will lead you into missing your shot, especially if you’re bow hunting. And this is normal, adrenaline gets to you. Gaining experience and practice will help you overcome this obstacle. Take some 3D courses or have a friendly bet with a friend. That will somewhat emulate the situation you’re going to be. Don’t be discouraged if you miss your shot as well. As you find yourself in the same situation over and over again it will become easier, less stressful which will lead you to better and more precise shot.


Hunting coyotes without basic gear such as calls and decoy is a no-go. You want to use a mouth-operated rabbit squealers, distress calls or coyote howlers. Put some emotion in your calls, calls that emulate their howls work really great.

The decoys that work the best are battery-run motion decoy. These might be outlawed at some states, so make sure you’re covered there.


Patience is a virtue they say. Coyotes are specific animals. Some coyotes respond pretty fast, but others take their time. So what you need to do is wait for twenty minutes before moving on.


If you learn how to hunt the wind your chances of having a successful hunt will drastically increase. The Wind is the key, especially when you’re hunting a coyote. Walk into the wind, coyotes have tremendous ability to sniff things and they can definitely recognize people. Having the downwind side open is also extremely important.

Vantage point

When you’re calling a coyote you want to have a great vantage point so you can have a clear shot and therefore take down the coyote. Scouting the area before the season starts is a great way to find the perfect vintage point. Being on a high hill or having a clear landscape is the perfect vantage point. You don’t want to find yourself in a place with low visibility and miss out on a coyote.

You’re hunting hard hunted coyotes

You need to know that hard hunted coyotes are smart coyotes. They learn through situations and they are extremely instinctive animals. If you’re hunting in an area where coyotes are hunted a lot, you’re going to have a difficult time as well. They won’t fall for the same tricks over and over again. You need to be innovative and try different things.

Ideal day for hunting coyotes

An ideal day for hunting coyotes would be bitter cold days after a storm. The combination of a cold day and storm will make the coyotes hungry and out on the run for food. Being desperately hungry will lead them to make mistakes, using your calls and decoys will work like a charm.

Elevated position

Shooting from an elevated position would not only give you a clear shot but will drastically improve your chances of taking down the coyote. Timing is also important, being on an elevated position will give you the benefit of noticing the coyote coming from far out. That way you can prepare yourself for the shot just in time.

Do not rush

Wait for the mates. Do not hurry, do not rush with taking the shot. If you happen to see a coyote the chances of another coyote coming from around the corner are extremely high.

Try using multiple calls

Many hunters are usually against this strategy, but using multiple calls can be very efficient at times. Gerald Stewart would agree on this one. He’s been using multiple calls for quite some time and he’s having great results.


Coyotes are extremely vocal predators and you need to take advantage of that. You need to be on your toes and alert so you can locate the coyotes by listening. Pinpoint the location the howls because coyotes claim territorial boundaries that way.

Call from the backdoor

Most of the local centers use the “main gate” for a certain hunting area. Animals and especially coyotes are able to notice that. Be innovative and creative and avoid this mistake. Instead, enter from the backdoor. Most likely you will catch the coyotes off guard which is a big advantage for you.

Hopefully, our coyote hunting tips will help you improve your success rate. Don’t be disappointed if you fail after several tries. Coyotes are complex animals, study them, work on your form, gain experience and eventually, it will come to you.

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