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14 Game Changing Bow Hunting Tips

Welcome to our bow hunting tips article. The season is coming soon. Are you ready? If you’re not, you might find these bow hunting tips helpful.

You need to be on your A game in order to have successful hunting campaigns and you know how difficult is at times.

You miss one shot, two shots, three shots and it gets frustrating. Who will you blame it on? But, it won’t lead to that, because you’re going to be prepared and ready to take down your prey and bring the trophy home, thanks to the bow hunting tips below.


We mention this in one of our previous article, “How to Shoot a Compound Bow”. Having a good form is really important. Visit the nearest archery range with a more experienced bow hunter. That way he will most probably notice your mistakes and tell you where you need to improve. Or you can tell someone to take a video of you performing a shot. Share it with the fellow bow hunters online and most probably they will point out your errors. That will change your form for the better and drastically improve your chances to have a successful hunting season.

Is your equipment tuned?

Okay, so the season has arrived. You’re all excited and pumped to go out on the field and hunt down a whitetail. BUT! As your stalk you pray, you notice something is wrong with your bow. It was at this moment that John knew, he fucked up.

You don’t want to be John, you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a hunt and notice something is wrong with your bow when you have a clear shot on that beautiful whitetail.

That’s why you need to check your bow before going out on the field. If there is something wrong with it. Visit the nearest archery store and they will tune it for you.

Google earth?

No, seriously. Do you use Google earth? Because if you’re not using Google Earth by now, you better start using it. Especially if you’re going to hunt in the area you never visited before. Thanks to the advanced technology we have today, Google Earth allows you to zoom in on extremely detailed imagery. What you need to do is find the strategic points and spots and go from there. Google earth is an extremely powerful tool and can help you big time when it comes to having a successful hunting trip.

Trail cameras

One piece of technology we recommend you invest in is a trail camera. Before the hunting season, set up your trail camera as soon as possible to collect pictures and gather information for the upcoming season.

However, there is one downside. At one point you must stop going in to check them. You don’t want to bump a mature buck or spread scent unknowingly. The solution to this problem are the wireless trail cameras. These cameras will send photos directly to you without having to visit the trail camera on the spot itself.

Bow hunting tips

Scout your spots

No, don’t start scouting your spots one week before the season starts. Instead go out a few months earlier and set up few trail cameras. That will help you locate the deer and you’re going to be prepared for the occasion.

3D Courses

There is nothing better than 3D course practice. It gets you prepared for the hunting situation. When should you take a 3D course? Off season is the answer. Especially if we’re talking about quality 3D course. It will keep you sharp and on point during the off-season and when the season arrives you will be on your A game. Practice makes perfect.

Study the animal you’re hunting

Become a devoted student of the whitetail deer and hunting strategies. This one is extremely important. If you want to be successful in hunting you must study the animal you’re hunting. If you know how certain animals think you can predict the scenario. Getting in touch with a more experienced hunter can do wonders for you. Also, I’d strongly recommend reading “Mapping Trophy Bucks” and “Strategies for Whitetails“.

Shoot from an elevated position

It doesn’t have to be a tree stand. You can use your balcony or tall porch even rooftop. Practice shooting at an angle downward because it’s totally different when you shoot from the ground. Bend at your waist as much as possible and try to keep your upper body posture remain the same. Make sure you are strapped in and use a harness because it’s really easy to lose your balance, safety first.

Stay in form

After the hunting season ends, many bow hunters completely lay down their bows and forget about them. This is the reason you might face problems in the upcoming hunting season. Staying in form, visiting the archery range, taking 3D courses is extremely important. Even staying in shape and working out.

Hunt according to the wind

Work smart, not hard. Same goes when you’re hunting. Hunt smart. Hunt according to the wind. Don’t think you can fool a mature buck easy. The whitetail deer has over 200 million scent receptors.

Use hunters log

Using hunters log is really important. If you’re not using one, you should start. What does the hunter log say about last season? Locate the success factors and try several different strategies and you might find success this season.

Hunt midday periods

Big bucks are mostly active at night because they sleep and get up around midday. The time to take the tree stand is between 10:30 and noon. They say patience is a virtue so try to stay longer in the tree stand. Eventually, something will pop up.

Use attractant

We cover this topic in a previous article, best deer attractant. If you’re not using deer attractant, you’re missing out big time. Using deer attractant will give you a real edge in hunting. Also, it will drastically improve your chances of having a successful hunt. BUT! If you use the wrong attractant, do not be surprised if you leave empty-handed.

Utilize mock scrapes

Utilizing mock scrapes can be a huge benefit. Why? Because mock scrapes are designed to agitate the bucks and make them cruise around and patrol the area. The location is extremely important when we’re talking about mock scrapes. So, make sure you scout the locations. Look out for travel corridors and edges where you can set up the mock scrape.

Well, that would be it. We hope that you enjoyed our “bow hunting tips” article and we hope you find these bow hunting tips helpful.

Until next time.

Updated: May 9, 2017 — 1:16 am
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