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How to Begin Bowhunting

How to begin bowhunting? We are assuming that you are already comfortable with a bow and have got your bow-handling basics down? If now, we would advise you take a look through our archery posts and get yourself down to a range to hone your skills before heading out on a hunting trip.

If your bow skills are there, you will need to get the basic gear you need to start bow hunting. This includes:

  • Hunting Bow
  • Arrows
  • Game call, decoy and attractant 
  • Hunting clothes

Bow hunting basics

Best hunting bow

Choosing the best hunting bow is really important and comes down to personal taste and preference. Well known and quality brands are

It’s really important to have some previous experience in archery before bow hunting. Hunting bows are for more experienced archers and are more difficult to handle and master. Therefore, consider taking some courses and practices before going out on the field. However, you can find some bows that are more friendly to the beginners. We feature some of them in our best hunting bow article.

Arrow choice

Arrows are extremely important when it comes to bow hunting. What do you need to know when choosing an arrow for bow hunting. There are three basic arrow weights: heavy arrow (560+ grains), mid weight arrow (455 – 560 grains) and lightweight arrow (350 – 455 grains).

  • Heaver arrows (560+ grains) are quieter arrows. When it comes to compound bows the perfect combination of speed and silence would be the mid-weight arrow.
  • Many states prohibit certain types of arrowheads. So make sure you check your law before buying anything.

Game calls

After a hunting bow and arrows, this is the third most important element. Why? Because thanks to the game call you can attract and drive the animals to you. Hunting without a game call is like traveling without a compass.

What you should look for in a game call?

Quality first and foremost, features, cost and general reviews. Visit Amazon and purchase your game call.

Be extremely careful when buying a game call, because the wrong game call minimize your chances of having a successful hunt.

Using a decoy is also a great way to lure in and attract a certain animal. Decoys usually are fake animals which mimic the movement in order to attract the animal.

Attractant helps us, the hunters and bowhunters to lure the prey out in the open. There are many different attractants on the market, giving the hunters many options to choose from. Some of these attractants can be homemade. We cover more about attractants in the following article, best deer attractant.

Hunting clothes

One thing you want to do when you’re hunting is to blend in with the environment in order to improve your chances of taking down the animal. Obviously you wouldn’t want to wear something out of proportion color wise and the animal notices you while you’re lurking around and waiting for your opening shot. That’s why you’re going to need to buy some hunting clothes. The hunting clothes usually come with similar patterns and colors. You can find some quality hunting clothes on Amazon.

bowhunting basics

Bonus tips

The basics are covered above, but there are a few other things you should look in to once you have got those covered off and are ready to go on your first hunt:

Scout the area you’re going to hunt

This will help you big time. Go out before the season and have a walk trough the area you’re going to hunt. Notice the strategic and vantage points. Be prepared before hand. This will drastically improve your chances of taking down an animal.

Use Google Earth

Google Earth allows you to zoom in on extremely detailed imagery. What you need to do is find the strategic points and spots and go from there. Google earth is an extremely powerful tool and can help you big time when it comes to having a successful hunting trip.

Study the animal you’re hunting

Decide upfront which animal you’re going to hunt and then study it carefully. Read articles on the internet, etc. Why will studying the animal you’re hunting improve your chances of taking it down? Because you will learn the nature of the animal, the movement patterns, reactions, etc. This will help you predict some scenarios and be prepared to react in time.


That was our bow hunting basics article, we hope it brings value to you and you find this article helpful. You might find these articles helpful as well. 14 game changing bow hunting tips, 40 archery tips, 12 advanced coyote hunting tips.

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