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A beginning archer must remember that archery is not a game, nor are is the equipment toys. The true archer knows that archery is not a game of Robin Hood, but a serious matter that involves a lot of dependability—from you and others. The best areas to practice archery are somewhere no one else will be. A dirt embankment behind the target makes for the safest shooting area. Be sure that all those watching and practicing stand behind the archer.

Safety check all your equipment, the bow, the string and the arrow, making sure it will not break before or after you release. After shooting, be sure to pull the arrows from the target carefully. A wrong pull done too hard can poke someone behind you in the eye. Don’t point the bow and arrow up when drawing. Keep the arrow target-high, in case it releases untimely.

Archery essentially is not that hard of a sport, per se. Often, the most difficult part of archery is to know what the heck you’re doing—aside from putting an arrow in the string, pulling back and letting go. Though archery is this simple, it is not that simple to master. A beginner interested in becoming an archer should seriously think about the correct ways to approach archery, starting with safety, basic bow set up, and shooting true with correct form. This quick reference guide to archery should set you right should you be in need of some beginner advice.

Bows in general have come a long way since the first bows were used for hunting by early man. Bows today have much greater accuracy and power and are capable of making really difficult shots.

Whether you're out hunting or just shooting on an archery range, you know that the bow you use will make all the difference in the world.

Hunting and Archery Bows can get pretty expensive so a great way to buy a bow is to buy it used. You can really save a lot of many if you buy used bows and get a great bow in the process.

We've built this site to give you information on bows and and have provided you a way to see, search and even bid on the current used bows on auction or just buy it right out of our online bow shop. The listings are for auctions that are ending soon so you have a great chance of placing the winning bid to buy archery bows that you have been searching for.

Browse though our site, read a few of the articles and see if you can find a used bow that fits your needs.

Take your time and determine which bow will work the best for you.




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